Terayne AG Specialties


*600 gallons minimum use to lease a 325 gallon tank

1600 square foot house

Heat 600gal/yr

Hot water 240gal/yr

Stove 50gal/yr

Dryer Gas 50gal/yr

Garage heat 200gal/yr

Gas Fireplace 3hrs/gal 



Our propane business was started in 1986 and continues to expand ever since. We offer full propane serve including home needs as well as dryer gas. We offer two different financing options for propane including the Prepay program and the Budget Billing program.  

PrePay Program

Enrollment in this program begins in September. Contract payments and pricing will be used on propane delivered between November 1st and March 31st. Deliveries will be made on a Keep Full basis. Tanks are available for lease.   

Budget Billing Program

Enrollment in this program begins in April. The budget billing amount is based on average winter use and calculated into 12 equal monthly payments. If you overpay on the program it is always your money. We require automatic bill pay by using either a credit or debit card.  Contact us for more information regarding these programs.