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Stress Mitigation Program

To start: Practice the fundamentals that are yield sustaining like maintaining soil fertility, proper soil pH, soil drainage and compaction management.

Protect yields - target weeds, insects and diseases. 

Take production to the next level - Consider using biostimulant products designed to turn on biochemical systems that induce tolerance to drought, increased nutrient uptake, delay senescence or increase leaf area, all of which can lead to increased yields.  Are you using micronutrients? Applying micronutrients reduce herbicide stress and increase nutrient availability to the plant.  They also promote overall growth of the plant.

Ask yourself if 70 bushel beans are possible? What about 90 bushel or more on wheat yields?  Taking corn averages up on the farm over time.  All of these are possible with the Complete Stress Mitigation program from Terayne AG Specialties. Contact our agronomy specialists for more information on this program. 

The Complete Program

Minimize yield reduction and maximize the total genetic potential.  The Complete Program is comprised of 3 Windows.  Weed Management, Nutrient Efficiency and Yield Enhancement.  All three work together to mitigate stress throughout the growing season.  Timing of Complete Program products occur in three periods: Preplant or at planting, early vegetative and reproductive period.  Protect your investment by utilizing a Complete Program for your crop at Terayne AG Specialties.

Terry Habrock C.C.A. has over 25 years of experience. He works to maximize production on the acre by using sound agronomy fundamentals such as nutrient management, IPM and stress mitigation.  Contact him today for all your agronomic needs. (618) 824-6565

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